Blessings Queens (and Kings) as we approach our 10th Brand Anniversary we thought it would be cool to ‘re-introduce’ ourselves.

We are Ayanna & Asha Diaz, better known as the Wadada Twins, and together we are the creative souls behind WADADA MOVEMENT Lifestyle brand. For those who don’t know; Wadada is an Amharic word/phrase for Love or Greetings of Love (now you know).

10 years ago, while living in two different time zones, we decided to take ‘that’ step away from familiarity and entered into the Fashion Entrepreneurship world, here at home in Trinidad & Tobago. Our educational backgrounds were far from Fashion but the way we both felt about the clothes we wore, the way it made us feel, the way it made others feel about us and our determination to make other women feel the same, was enough for us to plan our first fashion show.

Dec 2010! Five simple but memorable pieces displayed on live models during the opening night an art exhibition.

It was perfect!

We both have very determined personalities, in our own way, so we knew this could work. We knew once we stayed focused and consistent it will work.

Staying true to ourselves and our brand throughout the years, made certain times difficult but we learnt to adapt. Demands in fashion changed, so we had to change. Life took us down different paths, but our passion always brought us back.

Inspired by so many people, so many places, cultures and experiences, we can truly say Wadada has becoming our Lifestyle.

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